Individual Special Order for a Reversible Suede Leather Poncho.

Tan Poncho showing Brown Suede side

Smooth Side of Suede used to give Nubuck Look

Tan Poncho

Brown Suede Poncho

Well I was told ponchos were hot fashion this season and it wasn’t long before I had an order for a suede leather poncho. One of my regular customers had seen an original red indian poncho being worn by a relative so she came to me to have a similar poncho made. When I suggested making her poncho using two layers of suede she liked the idea very much. We used the smooth side of the tan suede to give a nubuck type finish to one side and used the suede side of the chocolate brown suede for the other side. This made the poncho hang really well as well as providing a casual looking poncho for daytime and a more elegant suede poncho for evening. I love this reversible look and feel using two lightweight leathers or suedes together as I much prefer working with leather than lining fabric. This design can only be repeated when there are suitable suede skins available with good smooth backs. The poncho is not currently available to order.

The original design using two lightweight leathers was my special order for a reversible leather coat. I will probably make some reversible leather and suede gilets for the spring but at the moment the really popular gilet is proving to be my design of toscana sheepskin gilet with natural edges.


Two Leather Ponchos in One!

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