Brown Nappa Leather Coat

Individual Special Order for a  Reversible Nappa Leather Coat.

Same Lady and Yes Same Nappa Leather Coat !

When you can’t decide whether to have a brown nappa  leather coat or a green nappa leather coat why not have both? I can think of several good reasons now I’ve finished making the coat but at the time it seemed like a good idea! The coat  turned out just as my customer and I  had pictured it and I can honestly say we are both delighted with it. This lady is also a good friend of mine and although they say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure we both enjoyed working on the design of the coat together from the original pattern to the finished leather coat.

 The green leather side of the coat has beautiful little ceramic hedgehog buttons, brown leather piping, brown leather pocket tops and brown leather cuffs and is the fun side and the brown leather side is more classic with plain brown buttons and just the brown leather showing. I took a lot of pictures while I was making this leather coat showing details of how I made it and one day I might have time to make an “in the making” feature of this special order for a reversible nappa leather coat. Unfortunately the coat took far too long to make to repeat at a sensible price and is not available to order.

I am also about to start on an order for a reversible suede poncho for one of my regular customers. We are using the smooth side of the suede so it looks like very natural nubuck style leather but is lightweight enough to use double. Ponchos are hot fashion this autumn so when I have finished the order for the poncho which is going to be reversible in two shades of brown I will put some pictures of it on the site.

See the Reversible Suede Leather Poncho

Please remember Designerleathercraft in the Autumn when it starts to get chilly and everybody needs a little  sheepskin scarf  or a sheepskin hat  or  sheepskin gilet to keep out the cold.

Green Nappa Leather Coat

Brown Nappa Leather Coat

Green Nappa Leather Coat
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