This is the index page of the part of Designerleathercraft dealing primarily with nappa and hide leather. Technically speaking all the suede, snakeskin and sheepskin are different types of leather with different finishes and wool and hair left on or taken off. At the moment there are leather bags, nappa leather gilets with sheepskin trims, a gallery of pictures taken of a silver leather bag in the making and a page about different nappa leathers on the main site. I recently made a reversible nappa leather coat in bottle green  and bournville valencia nappa leather as a special order so I will be adding a feature of this in the making  along with some pictures of the finished coat here soon along with more leather goodies as I make them.

Individual Special Order for a  Reversible Nappa Leather Coat.

Another page I will be adding soon is one for wide leather Boho style belts which are in fashion this autumn. Super chunky leather belts with a natural look in mainly tan and brown with some of my vintage style   belt buckles.

Wide Shaped Leather Belts, Boho Style with Vintage and Vintage Style Buckles.

Individual Special Order for a Reversible Suede Leather Poncho.

Hide Leather for Wide Leather Boho Belts Vintage Style.

Wide Scrunched Boho Belts

Designer Leather Jackets

Designer Leather Coats

Nappa and Hide Leather at Designerleathercraft

Brown Leather Cuff Bracelet with Melted Amber
Hand Painted Python Snakeskin Bangles

See the New Leather Jewellery Collection

Leather Necklace and Cuff  Bracelet with Picture Jasper Stones
Antique Finish Python Snakeskin Cuff Bracelet
Mens Python Snakeskin Double Wrap Bracelet
Black Toscana Shearling Scarf
50mm Python Snakeskin Belt
Hair Cowhide Belts
Ladies Python Snakeskin Belts
Navy Blue Suede Link Belt
Emerald Green Suede Ring Belt
Gorgeous Goatskin Gilet
Toscana Shearling Sheepskin Hat

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